European patent applications

If you need to protect your invention in Europe, you can file a European patent application (EP application). This application allows you to obtain protection in some or all of more than 30 contracting states of the European Patent Office (EPO).

After grant, a European patent has to be validated in the individual, designated contracting states to become effective. Validation requirements differ between the individual states but typically involve the filing of a translation of the patent specification and/or the patent claims with the national patent offices. Some states also demand the payment of a validation fee for the European patent to take effect.

Tropa offers a full-range EP service

Tropa can guide you every step of the way offering a full-range service on EP applications

We can help you:
  • File and prosecute European patent applications
  • Validate European patent applications in the individual, contracting states of your choice
  • Pay renewal fees to the European Patent Office (before grant) and to national patent offices (after validation)
  • File oppositions, appeals and third-party observations.

Fully qualified and trusted

We have extensive experience in filing European patent applications with the European Patent Office and validating European patents in the individual contracting states

For filing European patent applications, we use EPO Online Filing. The use of this secure online filing system provides reduced official fees to our clients.

For validations abroad, we make use of our large, international network of fully qualified and trusted patent attorneys.